Data Discovery Process

Data Discovery Process for Marketing Strategies

When developing effective marketing strategies whether it's for financial institutions or other industries, there are many factors that can help you narrow in on your best opportunities.  To help you get there data discovery should be part of your journey. Why should FI marketers complete a...

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Sales Funnel

Effective Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel in affiliate marketing? Are you a small business looking to increase leads and drive more repeatable affiliate marketing sales? If yes, this is the article for you. Having a strong, strategic sales funnel strategy is a necessary part of running an online...

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Digital Marketing dashboard

How to Select the Best MarTech Stack

Choosing the Best Martech Stack is about Improving your Marketing Performance On how to select the best Martech stack, we will help answer the following: What is a MarTech stack? The Value of MarTech Different types of MarTech tools Management tools Tracking tools Marketing campaign tools ...

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Personalization creepy?

Personal Marketing

Personal marketing is a strategy to drive sales conversion.  Messages and the messenger become more attractive and engaging. Remember the rules by Dale Carnegie in his book, How to Win Friends  & Influence People?  Always make the person feel important. Their name is music to their...

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360 brand integration and warming leads

Your Brand Message

Your Brand message is paramount to a business’s success but, it goes beyond just the ‘look and feel’. It needs to take into consideration all your target audiences and their attributes to distil how they consume media. Mapping out user profiles or pathways to consumption is...

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Marketing Messaging

Marketing messaging is about resonating with your target audience. In other words, know your business and know your audience.  If you are a professional service, keep it professional. If you work in the entertainment business, keep it entertaining. Right? Not necessarily…   It really depends on how...

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