Our Story

360 Integral Marketing was founded in 2016 by senior marketing professionals seeking to help businesses excel.  The founder, Gabrielle Hailman, having worked for the leading brands in Canada understood the complexity, processes and costs of growing market share and generating sales. Ongoing economic pressures, innovative technology and changes in buying behaviour continue to create challenges for established businesses and opportunities for the entry of new businesses. Building from Demand, Lead Generation and CRM expertise, our success comes from taking a 360 view in understanding the opportunities that enable businesses to thrive today and into the future.

Our Passion

For a healthy economy, businesses need to be adaptable to change. We wanted to make a meaningful contribution by helping them grow more efficiently and effectively. Our approach, our solutions and our teams are aligned to achieve successful results, whether it’s to grow their market share, drive more sales or improve their profitability. We took our passion for what we do and our expertise in testing, measuring and improving marketing performance and refined it to drive cost-effective sales funnels in the digital era.

Our Commitment

We continue to evolve with buyers’ preferences, competitive pressures and local and global business growth opportunities. Our mission is to provide holistic integrated sales funnels that deliver measurable results. Our ongoing commitment is to continue to build on our strategic, creative, execution and technological expertise and to be an industry leader known for putting their clients first.

Our Values

  • Commitment to marketing best practices
  • Result-driven and metrics obsessed
  • Collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • Efficient, cost-effective and budget-conscious
  • Flexible and adaptable to unique customer needs

We would like to hear from you if you are seeking to be part of the 360 team, interested in partnership opportunities or would like to learn how we improve business performance through digital sales funnels.  Call 416.449.5433 or email us at info@360integralmarketing.com