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As a Toronto Digital Marketing agency specializing in Sales Funnels, we are passionate about delivering impactful results for our clients.  We would be happy to listen to your business challenges or what you are endeavouring to accomplish.  To get started, schedule a 15-minute call.


Our sales funnel growth strategies and digital marketing services embrace the power of digital marketing technology and are backed by business intelligence and data insights.  With over 20 years’ expertise in developing integrated and customized marketing strategies, we cut through the clutter to define and build your sales funnels to meet your goals.


The Toronto Digital marketing agency, 360 Integral Marketing was founded in 2014 by Gabrielle Hailmann.  Its mission is to help businesses grow more efficiently and effectively. We took our passion for what we do and our expertise in testing, measuring and improving marketing performance and refined it to build effective sales funnels in the digital era.


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