50 Ways To Fill Your Sales Funnel

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business

“As marketers, entrepreneurs and individuals, it’s important to allow ourselves to be challenged and always curious”

Founder of 360 Integral Marketing & Co-author of 50 WAYS TO FILL YOUR SALES FUNNEL

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Business

50 Ways to Fill Your Sales Funnel is a game-changer for today’s businesses. Award-winning Author Gabrielle Hailmann and Co-Author Anita Booth, with over 40 year’s marketing expertise, take classic marketing principles and current buying behaviour and transform them into dynamic marketing strategies. It’s a must-read for marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs seeking scalable business growth.

Proven to accelerate business growth, this guide covers:

  • Business, Brand and Marketing Strategies– critical differences, how to develop, when and why
  • 50 + Ways to Fill Your Sales Funnel – learn how to build integrated marketing strategies using proven tactics like thought leadership, content creation, social media, and a seamless omnichannel user experience to connect with your buyers across the sales funnel
  • Measure and Optimize – find out how to improve your marketing efforts, measure your performance and increase your Marketing Return on Investment.

“This book is carefully researched and cultivated guide on proven marketing tools that work to grow the modern-day business.”

Samantha Cheung, Executive Vice President, Investor Relations

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