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3- Step Digital Marketing Strategy To Fill Your Sales Funnel

without burdening IT, Marketing or Sales

360 Leadership Positioning Analysis

  • Outsource your marketing team to committed professionals for a fraction of the cost of an in-house marketing person.
  • Marketing costs are more predictable and manageable.
  • Allows you to spend more time on your core competencies to grow  your business
  • Funds reallocated to more cost-effective online channels for servicing, marketing and selling

Grows Your Business Virtually

  • We build, integrate, manage and optimize online channels
  • Develop Sales Funnels, measure and improve lead conversions
  • Systemize CRM programs to drive predictable revenue
  • Launch and optimize PPC programs to generate leads
  • Integrate Marketing with Sales efforts to measure ROI

Boosts Revenue And Scalability

  • Resources on-hand to enter new markets or launch new products
  • Access to a senior marketing team with the needed expertise
  • Scalable, integrated Martech tools implemented and managed to gather a 360 view of your customers
  • Gathered business intelligence and AI to act quickly to opportunities
  • Better allocation of resources

If it’s Time to Start Aligning Your Marketing with Your Sales Efforts, Contact Us for a Consultation.

3- Step Digital Marketing Strategy To Fill Your Sales Funnel

How We Are Helping Clients

In building a profitable working relationship, we are invested in understanding your immediate and long-term goals. Combined with innovative ideas, expertise and modern technology, our integrated approach ensures continuous improvements in building predictable profitability – imperative for you to reach your financial goals.

360 is a strong, committed partner in driving a performance-based strategy bringing both creativity and technical expertise that deliver results. I would highly recommend them.

Margo Malowney

Margo Malowney

V.P. Marketing and Communications, FirstOnSite Restoration

360 integral marketing is the first and important step in rebranding your business. Very professional and very personable. They did an amazing job. Thank you! Would highly recommend them.

Michael Yack

President, Factory Direct Appliances

Seriously impressed by the deliverables of this firm; the lead generation, branding, social media reach, and marketing strategy they were able to provide for me. I would highly recommend you reach out and engage to see how their expertise can help you. Truly glad I did… !!

Lisa Tong

Coach Masters Academy Canada

Need a Team of Marketing Professionals to Accelerate Your Growth?

Gabrielle Hailmann, president of 360 Integral Marketing


Founder and president of 360 Integral Marketing, she has helped over 100 businesses succeed.  A leader with over 20 years experience in performance-based marketing and building persuasive sales funnels. Passionate about making a difference, she has influenced the evolution of lead generation. In 2010, she was recognized as one of the top ten women in Direct Marketing by Direct Marketing Magazine and is co-author of the book 50 WAYS TO FILL YOUR SALES FUNNEL. Seeking consultation or marketing services that will make a difference?  ContactUs, or email info@360integralmarketing.com

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