Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Making a Measurable Difference?

67% of lost sales are a result of Sales Reps not
receiving properly qualified leads.*

Our 3-Step Digital Marketing Strategy Improves Results

  • Exponentially increases traffic
  • Dramatically converts leads
  • Proves Your Return on Investment
  • Quantifies lost opportunity
  • Simplifies Your Marketing

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3- Step Digital Marketing Strategy pulls it all together

without burdening IT, Marketing or Sales

Smart Planning + Integral Technology + Personalized Communication = Sales-Ready Leads

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A Marketing + Sales Plan to Grow Your Business

It’s critical Marketing works with Sales. We will develop a plan that hones in on your ideal customer. Dramatically increase traffic, convert more Marketing leads, drive quality leads to Sales and ultimately grow your business.

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‘Sales-Ready’ Digital

Clearly defined conversion paths created, aligned with how your ideal customers move through the buying experience. Marketing automation and CRM tools leveraged for data capture, personalization, responsiveness, tracking and follow-up.

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Engaging Multi-Media

We will determine the best messaging and content strategy. Developing, repurposing and deploying content across channels that move prospects and customers to the desired action.


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  • Professional with over 20 years of extensive experience
  • Branding and messaging integrated across communications

  • Each customer engagement is tracked and measured
  • Automation, responsiveness and personalization optimized.


How We Are Helping Clients


In building a profitable working relationship, we are invested in understanding your immediate and long-term goals.

Our test and learn approach ensures continuous improvements in your marketing effectiveness – imperative for you to reach those goals.

Marketing Performance Increases


Our Digital Marketing plans and strategies, integrate, streamline, measure and improve your marketing and communication efforts, from
acquisition to retention.

Committed to Your Success

In building a profitable, working relationship, we are invested in understanding your immediate and long-term goals.

You’ll have access to a senior marketing professional in your sector without the high cost of increasing staff, plus have an experienced, committed team to design, manage, execute and track marketing and communication initiatives as needed.

Gabrielle Hailmann Gabrielle Hailmann

President of 360 Integral Marketing is devoted to helping businesses succeed. A leader with over 20 years experience in creating integrated, CRM and lead generation ecosystems. Gained expertise while working for Canadian industry leaders, including RBC Royal Bank, Rogers Communications, American Express and ADP Canada. She has influenced the evolution of lead generation. In 2010, she was recognized as one of the top ten women in Direct Marketing by Direct Marketing Magazine. Gabrielle can help you develop winning integrated, demand and lead generation programs.

We provide solutions that simply
improve your marketing.

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