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Personalization creepy?

Personal Marketing


  • Personal marketing is a strategy to drive sales conversion.  Messages and the messenger become more attractive and engaging. Remember the rules by Dale Carnegie in his book, How to Win Friends  & Influence People?  Always make the person feel important. Their name is music to their ears.
  • Personal marketing can be creepy.  It’s a delicate balance in how data is used to generate the desired response as part of your personalization marketing strategy.  Knowing when data pulls a customer into wanting to further deepen their relationship and when it scares your customer away.   A retailer providing you with the next best book based on past purchases can be beneficial but directing you to a retail outlet based on your current location could be little creepy if you didn’t ask.
  • A personal marketing strategy can be risky if you don’t have confidence in the data.   How you capture, acquire and use the data can impact your reputation.   If the data is not from a reputable source nor meets the legal and regulatory requirements you could lose rather than gain customers.
  • Personalization helps define the brand.  How you use personalization as part of your marketing strategy can make your customers more loyal. It can improve the customer experience and help you communicate meaningful solutions to unmet needs. But once you move from engaging to creepy you can’t go back.  How do you know when you cross the line? Opt-outs, complaints and low engagement.  Before you risk it, use your common sense and when in doubt ask your target audience and start with a small sample size to test it out.


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