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Who We Are

Marketing Sales Funnel Experts

360 Integral Marketing is a full-service agency with a lens on integrated sales funnels and an omnichannel experience that drives sustainable growth.  We develop the building blocks that enable businesses to grow virtually and grow faster. Our strategies capitalize on persuasion sequences that harness the power of an integrated brand, thought leadership, compelling offers and engaging content.  The name 360 Integral Marketing stands behind a holistic approach. With 0ver 20 years of marketing expertise, the 360 team of professionals look at many aspects of the clients’ business and their competitive landscape in order to create marketing sales funnels that are instantly effective and results-driven.

How we established ourselves as
experts in Marketing Sales Funnels

  • Over 20 years of expertise in brand development, CRM, demand and lead generation across industries
  • Training and certifications to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in e-commerce, SEO, inbound marketing, marketing automation, sales effectiveness, thought leadership, social media and content management
  • Award-winning recognition for being the best in Marketing
  • Proven track record in successfully helping leaders build their brand reputation

Passion Drives Us.
Results Motivate Us.

We are passionate about what we do and motivated in driving results for our clients.  We don’t take on a client unless we are confident we can make a strong impact on their business.  Taking an integrated 360 approach, we believe in a phased-in action-plan.  From strategy, creative, execution to ongoing optimization, we have the expertise at each step.  In building and optimizing your marketing sales funnel, we focus on creating a revenue generation machine that produces predictable, scalable and repeatable revenue, month over month for our clients.

We are not driven by likes and comments, but rather on how marketing contributes to profitability.

360 integral marketing fills your sales funnel across channels

Gabrielle Hailmann, president of 360 Integral Marketing
Gabrielle Hailmann, 360 Integral Marketing

What We Do

Develop And Maintain Marketing Sales Funnels

In developing and growing your marketing sales funnels offline and online, we work with organizations to understand their sales and marketing challenges as they tie into generating sustainable revenue. We look for solutions that are manageable and effective. Our key contact can be a Senior Marketer, Sales Professional or the President that is looking to improve their sales performance through integrated marketing communications down the sales funnel.

360 Marketing Sales Funnels
Align with the Buyers Journey

We Have the Expertise and Team

  • Digital marketing strategies for sustainable growth
  • Brand building strategies to establish your reputation
  • Optimal sales funnels down the buyer’s journey
  • Webinars and sales playbooks
  • Martech consultants to streamline and optimize efforts
  • Content: social media management to gated content creation
  • Inbound marketing initiatives including PPC and SEO
  • eCommerce marketing plans to virtually grow your business

Our success lies with our ability to continuously improve performance through ongoing measurements and business intelligence to identify and capitalize on opportunities throughout the sales funnel.

The breadth and depth of our services in helping your organization develop and maintain marketing sales funnels include robust inbound marketing initiatives, lead nurturing programs, mobile responsive websites, multi-media content, marketing automation, e-commerce platforms, event management and CRM integration to 360 Integral Marketing becoming your marketing department.

Why 360IntegralMarketing?

  • Provides great value based on extensive experience
  • Offers nimble and scalable solutions to meet your needs
  • Addresses channel interdependencies and how to optimize them
  • Creates content and brand advocates across all channels

360 Management Team

Gabrielle Hailmann

President & CEO

Gabrielle Hailmann

Gabrielle, a leader in launching new business ventures and creating integrated, eCRM and lead generation ecosystems. Her expertise evolved as a digital sales funnel expert while working with industry leaders, including RBC Royal Bank, Rogers Communications, American Express and ADP Canada. With a passion for improving sales performance, she has influenced the evolution of lead generation. In 2010, she was recognized as one of the top ten women in Direct Marketing by Direct Marketing Magazine.

VP of Creative Services

Richard Cote

Richard takes advantage of every tool to create, shape and deliver meaningful and impactful experiences in digital and print. Equally adept in design and execution, he has worked with the largest brands and the biggest agencies: in retail, financial, pharmaceutical markets, in B2B, direct marketing and general advertising. His passion is cultivating and building your brand’s “big picture”, and is keenly perceptive and objective of how your message relates and connects to your customer.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Alecsandro Moraes

Alecsandro is a high-performing professional with proven results in building sales funnels and driving demand, leads and sales for businesses.  He has more than a decade of direct experience in the implementation and optimization of direct marketing programs, as well as SEO, website development, PPC and Google ad campaigns. He has the ability and experience to manage multi-discipline teams to achieve the success and goals of our clients.

Senior Account Executive

Mehreen Athar

Mehreen is an accomplished marketing professional with a wealth of experience in marketing and communications for large and small sales-driven organizations. Her passion and expertise lies in developing marketing growth strategies and modern marketing practices for meeting her clients’ goals.  She has intimate knowledge of power positioning, content creation, and customer segmentation strategies to help businesses succeed in a competitive marketplace.

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