Marketing Messaging

Marketing messaging is about resonating with your target audience. In other words, know your business and know your audience.  If you are a professional service, keep it professional. If you work in the entertainment business, keep it entertaining. Right? Not necessarily…


It really depends on how you want to depict your brand. Despite the fact you work in professional services, you may want to illustrate that not only can you deliver upon your credentials but also how you conduct business. You may attract clients by not only showcasing your work through case studies but how you engage with clients and your internal team.


Showing a light / humorous side to your company will illustrate you have a sense of humour which is highly appealing and human. Not just a company with lots of acronyms behind each team member. Are accreditations important? Of course, they are but not the only message you want to convey. Humour illustrates you have teamwork. Teamwork means you are on the same page and you all have the same objective: helping your clients succeed whatever challenge they are presented with.


The same applies to entertainment firms. Sure, you want to make people laugh and make it go viral. Well, have you built any trust with your prospects or customers? Of course, as an entertainment company, you can laugh this question off but does this generate subscriptions? Unless you build their confidence in your product and service offering, they will bolt when a shiny new nickel comes along.

Show your serious side too. Illustrate you care about your customers. Ensure you reach out to them via asking for their interests and understanding their customer satisfaction levels. But, make sure you cross-reference this data with your engagement data such as click through and/or listening behaviour. You want your brand to continuously evolve to keep them engaged and know that their happiness matters. This is your brand conviction side. Don’t be reluctant to show them you care and they are important.

Bottom line. Engage, delight and inspire no matter your target audience. Demonstrate you have two sides, just like every coin.






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