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Cybersecurity attacks

4 Digital Marketing Strategies for the IT Industry

4 Digital Marketing Strategies for the IT Industry As the demand for digital technology continues to rise, the Information Technology Service industry has seen an increase of 37% in the past seven months. The IT industry continues to dominate the stock market after the world was threatened by the COVID -19 pandemic. These new advances …

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Inbound SaaS Marketing Strategies

SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategies Starts with the Content There is no shortage of ways to reach your target customer, but the most successful SaaS inbound marketing strategies are through content marketing, success training, and good customer support. According to the 2021 B2B Marketing Report by Uberflip, 85% of buyers are taking to internet searches to …

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What is the Metaverse?

Retail companies including IKEA and Home Depot have utilized the Metaverse by implementing AR-powered interior design apps to boost both ecommerce and in-store product sales. In addition, skincare companies including L’Oréal and Kohl’s now have virtual try-on applications. The AR features allow customers to view and try on the products online before purchasing.

Protecting your data with Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Digital Marketing Strategies

Cybersecurity Digital Marketing Strategies   During an economic decline, the global cybersecurity market is heating up worth $173B and is projected to grow to $270B by 2026.  According to the FBI, cybercrime has quadrupled as the world was being threatened by the COVID -19 pandemic. Businesses and individuals are being heavily attacked by phishing, fraudsters …

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Online Marketing Requirements

5 Modern Marketing Trends

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a senior executive, trying to get a handle on the best marketing opportunities can be challenging. With new technology, preferences and buying patterns how do you determine the smart ways to invest in marketing?
Many of the basic principles for successful marketing haven’t changed but how you get there and the tools to help figure it out are continuously evolving.

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