5 Modern Marketing Trends

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5 Modern Marketing Trends


Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a senior executive, trying to get a handle on the top 5 modern marketing trends and the best ways to invest in marketing is challenging. Furthermore, with new technology, preferences and buying patterns, how do you determine and prioritize your marketing investment?

Many of the basic principles for successful marketing haven’t changed but how you get there and the tools to help figure it out are continuously evolving

Basic Marketing Rule 

Right message, to the right audience at the right time thru the right channel drives the right response.

Marketing Rule Adapted to the Times

The right sequence of touch-points and messages across optimal channels, delivered to the right audience at the right time, drives the right sequence of responses.

5 Modern Marketing Trends and Smart Ways to Invest

Know Your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Wanting to figure out how your marketing dollars are working is not new. ROMI (return on marketing investment) helps formalize marketing strategies and investments and because of new tools, it is easier to track the buyers’ journey and profitability.

Data-Driving Marketing Strategy

The buyer being central to all your marketing efforts is why multiple channels and strategies need to come together so they can deliver a positive, cohesive brand experience to drive the right responses. A data-driving marketing strategy embraces today’s tools to enable personalization, customization and integration across platforms. Data needs to be shared across many business units, including Marketing, Sales, Finance and Customer Service to deliver a more complete view of the customer.  Preferences, behaviour, demographics, values and profitability data can then used to improve marketing effectiveness and to measure ROMI.

Omnichannel Marketing

With a data-driven marketing strategy, it empowers omnichannel marketing.  Omnichannel marketing provides a customer with a seamless experience across all interactions with your company’s brand.  It is why a strategy needs to fully-integrate the buyer’s experience by uniting the experience from brick-and-mortar to browsing the web and anything in between.  Commonly referred to as an omnichannel retail strategy approach to sales and marketing.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Multi-touch Attribution (MTA)  tracks and weighs in how each touch point leads to a sale or other action. This helps you better optimize content, campaigns and channels to drive the best results. MTA determines the incremental impact of each ad, keyword phrase, downloaded whitepaper, video or post that attributed to the campaign’s success, sale or profitability of your business.  A dream come true or a daunting, unrealistic task?  There are many types of  attribution models bizable.com lists to start tracking marketing effectiveness.

MarTech Stack 

When running multiple campaigns with multiple strategies it requires stackable MarTech (marketing technology) that integrate for proper performance and management.  Based on the size of your business, budget and the complexity of your campaigns the tools you will need in 2019 can vary.

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