Inbound SaaS Marketing Strategies


SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategies Starts with the Content

There is no shortage of ways to reach your target customer, but the most successful SaaS inbound marketing strategies are through content marketing, success training, and good customer support.

According to the 2021 B2B Marketing Report by Uberflip, 85% of buyers are taking to internet searches to find useful, educational information that doesn’t come with a sales pitch. Are you making the most of your buyers’ attention? Many marketers make the mistake of dumping content out there and hoping it sticks. Content works best when it’s personalized and engages the audience. Although many companies have content available, they are not providing content at the right stages of the buyer’s journey.

To be successful in growing your brand and SaaS business, you need to bridge the gap between content marketing and customer support. Companies must be proactive to educate and train customers once they sign up for the service. Content creation is the best way to fill the knowledge gap and connect with customers through sharing information about the service and the company.

Creating buyer personas is a great way to articulate the key benefits of your service offering and identify content that is meaningful to them. The persona exercise is an integral part of the brand strategy and plays a pivotal role in your content marketing strategy and hitting the mark.

Don’t shy away from these critical exercises in developing your marketing strategies. Persona work and creating content to target these influencers is a lot of work but will pay off in the end with increased sales growth.


SaaS companies should consider the following when developing a content marketing strategy:

  • Determine how content marketing fits into your broader marketing strategy
  • Set up content metrics you are tracking to determine success. Web traffic, social media engagement, conversions, and email tracking are a few to measure
  • Channel distribution – more than 74 percent of SaaS companies use social media to distribute content, focusing on Facebook, Instagram and then Twitter. Don’t forget about the role of groups on these channels
  • A/B testing should be conducted as frequently as possible when in market to identify the best messages or creative that pulls customers down the sales funnel and turns them into loyal customers
  • Marketing automation is essential to get your content out to your customer segments. Choose a platform to meet the future sales and marketing needs of the business.
    • HubSpot reported that companies who invest in producing 16 blogs per month can expect to receive 3.5x more traffic than those who produce less than 4 each month.
  • Remember to check your return on investment after every campaign. If something isn’t working, recalibrate, retest, and optimize tactics bringing the highest marketing return

Inbound Marketing Strategies – What is the difference between Pull versus Pull Content Strategy?


Pull Content Strategy

The best type of educational content should focus on solving a customer’s pain points. Customers when they have a problem, they search for a solution. If they are required to search and pull the information from various places, it is a frustrating user experience. Providing answers to these problems and making them easily available will is the ideal pull strategy.

Push Content Strategy

Customer content and training are pushed to customers as the first step after they sign up and as they progress through new features or are ready to learn new functionality. Whether you are providing education through courses, video tutorials, or hands-on training, creating cost-effective content can provide incredible returns. Proactive customer education brings customers from awareness at the top of the sales funnel where awareness is low, to signing up and eventually a power user who advocates on the company’s behalf.

How Can a Marketing Expert Help?

Working with growth marketing experts is the ideal solution to get your company up and running with the right content and strategies to help you grow. In the early stages of growth, you may not want to invest in hiring a full-time marketing leader – and that’s okay!  You can find great agency partners and/or growth marketing consultants who can help you with early-stage planning and Marcom set-up which includes things like creating a brand narrative, website build, marketing technology set-up, content creation, thought leadership, inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. There is so much to do when once the business Is ready to be marketed. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it alone, as this can result in costly mistakes. Connect with the right partners and watch your business take off and grow exponentially in the first year!


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