Your Brand Message

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Your Brand Message


Your Brand message is paramount to a business’s success but, it goes beyond just the ‘look and feel’. It needs to take into consideration all your target audiences and their attributes to distil how they consume media.

Mapping out user profiles or pathways to consumption is not only an ideal way to isolate audiences but helps build personas which help in not only channel priorities but the content they will consume. So, how do you go about this? Below is an example of questions to ask yourself and your team:

  1. Identify your audience, gender, age and educational level
  2. Evaluate their digital skills then estimate their visits to your website
  3. Cite their psychographics, user objectives and what you think they want to accomplish


My recommendation would be to start with your core property, your website. Once you build your website, you can subsequently prioritize who your likely ‘best customers’ are by your estimated web traffic. And, you can then utilize their digital skill set and objectives to help drive channel selection to acquire them and how to keep them engaged.

The next step. Based on your estimated ‘best customers’, prioritize your social media properties that will resonate with your target audiences and start publishing content that both engages and delights your prospects and/or existing customers. Building a brand is not only about attracting new customers but keeping your current customers connected with your brand. Just ensure your ‘look, feel and messaging’ is consistent across all of your channels. It doesn’t matter if it is online or offline.

This will help begin your conversation. You can then use various tactics e.g. text messages, emails, or other touch points for more direct and promotional messages. Warming a lead will help convert into sales and repeat purchases.

Keep in mind to test, learn and optimize. It’s a never-ending process. Brand message and warming leads are like a symphony. All instruments need to work together and be in harmony.

I hope you find this helpful. agree/disagree? Let me know. I am up for the debate.

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