How to Select the Best MarTech Stack

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How to Select the Best MarTech Stack 

Choosing the best MarTech stack is about improving your marketing performance, we will help answer the following:

What is a MarTech Stack?

MarTech stands for Marketing Technology.  It defines the software or marketing platforms Marketing teams use to plan, execute, manage and measure marketing initiatives. A MarTech stack represents the whole suite of marketing tools an organization would use across their marketing programs.

The Value of MarTech

Marketing professionals are scrambling to find the best ways to identify and engage with their customers.  As a result, knowing how to select the best MarTech stack for your business has become an important part of executing your strategy.

What has changed for marketers in the last few years is the ability to integrate systems together so that no matter what channel your audience is on, you can track and deepen the engagement in meaningful ways. The best part is that the tracking can now be across channels, so the insight one can get is remarkable. Proving a return on investment (ROI) for marketing has become easier.

The automation component easily allows for personalization and segmented communication without adding to staff time or increasing staff size. As a result, you are able to provide meaningful communications to your audience, using triggers that your audience initiates themselves, so they get to decide what and when they want it, without any staff involvement.

Because of multiple campaigns and multiple strategies, there are some limitations to integrating systems. To minimize costs, reduce efforts and drive better performance, digital marketing has become a blending of technology with marketing know-how.  Therefore, choosing the best MarTech stack becomes an integral part of a marketer’s role.

Different Types of MarTech Tools

MarTech stack helps manage the complexity of integrated digital marketing campaigns.  The optimal MarTech stack ensures better campaign performance for your business.

With over 5,000 MarTech options available, finding the right tools can be a daunting task.

In helping select the best MarTech stack you’ll need for proper management and tracking of your campaigns, we have grouped them into three categories: management tools, tracking tools, and marketing campaign tools.

Below are types that fall into these three categories:

Management Tools

Tracking Tools

Marketing Campaign Tools

“If you want to acquire new customers and generate repeat buys to grow your return on marketing investment (ROMI), you need to run campaigns on multiple platforms with multiple strategies. Without a Martech stack, proper data management, and a team who understands how to get the best out of the technology, you will lose the game against the competition.”

Yves-Alain Schwaar of Sommet Education

How to Succeed with MarTech

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