Author name: Gabrielle Hailmann

President of 360 Integral Marketing, Gabrielle Hailmann is a leader in driving business performance with integrated growth marketing strategies and campaigns. With over 20 years of expertise in demand, lead generation, ABM and CRM, she is able to deliver an omnichannel, 360 solution.

Digital Text Marketing Joins forces with 360 integral marketing

Digital Text Marketing joins forces with 360 Integral Marketing

  Digital Text Marketing Joins Forces with 360 Integral Marketing   Gabrielle Hailmann, the CEO of Digital Text Marketing has joined forces with other senior marketers to form 360 integral marketing, a division of Digital Text Marketing. To maximize the impact marketing has on sales performance, no single channel can win out any more.  The goal …

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Personalization creepy?

Personal Marketing

Personal Marketing   Personal marketing is a strategy to drive sales conversion.  Messages and the messenger become more attractive and engaging. Remember the rules by Dale Carnegie in his book, How to Win Friends  & Influence People?  Always make the person feel important. Their name is music to their ears. Personal marketing can be creepy.  It’s a …

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Marketing and Sales teams

Marketing and Sales Responsibilities

Marketing and Sales Responsibilities   Understanding marketing and sales responsibilities can be part of building a winning partnership.  With Marketing getting more involved with marketing automation, qualifying the lead and taking the leads back from Sales when they don’t close, the relationship gets so much tighter. How can Marketing and Sales become a Stronger Team? …

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7 Critical Ways to Attract a Buyer

How to Increase Lead Conversion

How to Increase Lead Conversion   Need to Engage Your Buyer for Lead Conversion, Here are 7 Ways…    First you need to decide what is important to them. Knowing their name is obviously important, what about their hobbies, interests and aspirations or their business challenges and pain points? Potential buyer information can come from …

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