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By Anita Booth

ECommerce Trends

For many companies eCommerce has become a critical part of their business growth strategy and this trend will continue.  In the years where we’ve had to keep physically distant, businesses who once only served customers in-person, such as retail outlets, professional services and other service providers are now looking to the eCommerce space to thrive. Expand your business with a strong eCommerce growth strategy. Maximize these key eCommerce trends.

ECommerce Trends To Grow Your Business

The Social eCommerce Explosion

Online marketplaces are quickly becoming the more popular way to buy products and services. eCommerce trends show that for the first time ever, grocery retailers like Target were listed in the top 10 according to an eMarketer rating of eCommerce retailers. Traditional retailers are no longer trailing behind in the digital space and are turning to social media and eCommerce to connect with their customers. Brands are growing more accustomed to executing integrated marketing strategies using social media, SEO-optimized content and PPC Campaigns as a way to build brands and grow market share.

Contactless Shopping

Businesses that can turn their process online will do so, and in-person contact will be limited for the foreseeable future. Providing a good/great customer experience will be the main theme along with quality products, and automated, fast free shipping. With social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook already using in-App purchasing tools, brands will benefit from shorter buying cycles and quicker lead conversions.

Brands Need to Build Trust

Building a trusted brand is not an easy task. However, with commitment, time and budget, the benefits are real and tangible.

  • 93% of consumers are influenced by reviews when buying products
  • Consumers perceive less risk when purchasing from a trusted brand
  • Buyers are less price-sensitive
  • Shortens the sales cycle

A brand’s voice that comes across as human, real, and trustworthy will gain a competitive edge. The ability to show that your brand is trustworthy and credible will be important and social media is a great way to do so.  Humanizing your brand through sharing stories, testimonials and reviews, showcasing team members and letting customers know what you stand for will build your brand as trustworthy.

Corporate Sustainability a Must

Giving back and doing corporate good is a must for companies looking to build brand and trust. In a report published by Neilson on corporate sustainability, 66% of consumers surveyed said they would buy from a brand that was committed to sustainability. And interestingly, 73% of millennials felt the same way. Additionally, 81% of millennials also want brands to go public about their commitment and to be vocal about it. Brands such as Amazon have taken a sustainability pledge, and other eCommerce brands will likely follow suit as they look for ways to reduce waste and preserve the earth.

Content is King

Content is king when it comes to building trust and authenticity. However, simply creating content and pushing it out does not guarantee interested buyers will see it. Content must be search engine optimized (SEO) to be beneficial to your eCommerce site. Optimized content will:

  • Ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently
  • Drive organic traffic to your site
  • Improve the authority of your website

Good written content that is SEO optimized will not only improve a brand’s reputation but will also help build trust and humanize the brand. User-generated content will:

  • Build and strengthen online marketplaces and communities
  • Uplift the brand and make you relatable
  • Enable brands to meet customers where they are likely to hang out
  • Drive qualified buyers down the sales funnel

Product Selection Skyrockets

eCommerce trends show consumer shopping needs have changed in the past year. eCommerce is providing buyers with almost everything they need without having to leave the comfort of their living room. And the list of products is no longer restricted to fashion and gadgets. Product selection has expanded to include groceries, cars, furniture and more.

What was once considered a simple convenience, eCommerce is now essential for any business looking to engage with buyers. Having your products at the top of a buyer’s online shopping search will capture 25% of the clicks. However, success is not guaranteed by relying solely on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Brands require a 360 integrated marketing approach to build trust, solve the buyer’s problems and deliver a positive user experience. For those businesses who are serious about selling online, there is enormous potential if done correctly.

This is not just a pandemic disruption. This is an evolution of the brand and online purchasing, which is why we’re going back to an omnichannel strategy. Nisha Dua Co-founder and General Partner, BBG Ventures

Omni Channel Experience the New Norm

Brands with both a physical and online presence should look to deliver a cohesive omnichannel user experience at every touchpoint. Understanding the customer’s buying journey will help with building effective marketing sales funnels. Having the right platforms and eCommerce infrastructure to promote a great user experience with a well-crafted sales funnel will be the key to success.

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Anita Booth / About The Author

Anita Booth is an accomplished marketing executive with a wealth of experience in marketing and communications for large and small sales driven organizations. Her expertise lies in building strong growth plans which include sales pipelines, digital strategies, social media engagement and brand awareness. Her ability to build marketing infrastructures, processes and repeatable marketing systems, make her an asset in driving predictable revenue growth. She has intimate knowledge with power positioning, thought leadership, content creation, and customer segmentation strategies to help your business succeed in a competitive marketplace. Contact Anita today to have a conversation about your business growth needs.

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