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SEO Keywords


To drive more website traffic you need to know your SEO Keywords.

We have heard it starts with the customer. A well-informed search engine marketing company will also tell you that SEO is all about the customer and the keywords they use.

  • Who are your customers?
  • Where are they?
  • What problem do they need solving?
  • How do they search to find solutions?

With knowing your customer, SEO becomes the driver for earned media and content on your web pages, blogs and social media platforms. After all, it’s not just Google, YouTube and Twitter are also considered very powerful search engines!

The key to unlocking your keyword potential is by building a content strategy and gaining a full view of how your content is performing across all your web pages and social media platforms and how it attributes to your sales’ revenue.

Is your content optimized with your SEO keywords? Do you have a content strategSEO for Lead Generationy that educates, informs, persuades and solves the problems your potential buyers are seeking?

Just like your customer is not one single tactic, all your
communications need to be integrated so the search engines, your website, social media links and content are all working to engage with your buyer and to drive revenue for your business.

Your marketing team will help you select the best keywords for SEO, help with developing content and help in building a dashboard to track your success.

What you need to analyze and monitor to see if your SEO content strategy is working


  • Traffic and conversions
  • Ranking position for keywords and which page or pages are ranking
  • Search volumes for keywords (both broad match and exact match)
  • Opportunities to further optimize keywords
  •  Changes implemented and how they impact position, traffic from organic search, and most importantly conversions. (If there are positive changes, suggest creating some additional content that includes the keyword and continues to watch for changes.)
  • Links to social media and to your site with optimized keywords
  • As frequently as possible, look for other non-branded keywords that can drive organic search traffic and conversions

Remember to not “over-optimize” or limit your success with only a few keywords. Keep building your business with relevant content that transforms your clicks into sales!

Knowing how SEO Keywords drive traffic to your site, will change content strategy.

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