Marketing Blunders

Marketing Blunders


Have you ever been responsible for one or two marketing blunders? The best advice is to get over it. Yes, I know you may catch ‘S’ from your boss or if an agency, a client but ‘Stuff’ happens. What did you think I meant?

The most important thing is to learn from it. Most brands have either launched a product with bugs, deployed an incorrect message or ticked off someone through a customer service call. I won’t name anyone as the list is lengthy…. Customers and bosses get over it, that is if you react in a timely and engaging manner.

Marketing is marketing. It’s about capitalizing on the good times and the bad. Turn your ‘boo hoo’ into an honest apology or use a sense of humour to address your mistake. It really depends on the vertical you work in and the severity of your mistake. But, bottom line, if you confront your problem directly then everyone will appreciate your honesty and being forthcoming.

Let’s face it. Everyone makes mistakes. Brands are no different from your mom and dad’s advice, your pets behaviour or your kids’ inappropriate outburst while shopping. Nobody means to falsely misbehave or represent themselves (I hope) nor mistakenly convey an incorrect message. The most critical thing is how to address it.

Clearly, it depends upon your brand and the severity of the ‘boo boo’. If it is something like an email or text message deployed with an incorrect message or image, reach out to your audiences with a sense of levity i.e. ‘yikes, we goofed’, ‘didn’t mean to send you that message’, or ‘wow, didn’t we seem silly to send that message’. Consumers understand mistakes happen as, they too, make mistakes. It’s human.

If it poses a serious risk to your brand, do not take it lightly. Any threats or legal action may need Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Please just think before you react and do not over-analyze if it is something superficial. If legal raises an eyebrow then determine your best course of action.

I hope you find this helpful. Agree/disagree? Let me know. I am up for a healthy discussion as I know I have professionally made some ‘boo-boos’. Mistakes are learning tools.

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