How to Increase Lead Conversion

7 Critical Ways to Attract a Buyer

How to Increase Lead Conversion


Need to Engage Your Buyer for Lead Conversion, Here are 7 Ways…


  1.  First you need to decide what is important to them. Knowing their name is obviously important, what about their hobbies, interests and aspirations or their business challenges and pain points?
  2. Potential buyer information can come from your CRM system, billing, sales reps and sales channels. You can also get  information through surveys, contests, form submissions and social media profiles.
  3. Be transparent.  The intent of why you are gathering the information needs to be clear and never abused.  Having a clear, accessible online privacy policy becomes an important part of your communication in order to build that trust. And if you’re not using the information don’t ask for it nor collect it.[vc_separator type=”transparent” position=”left” color=”” border_style=”dashed” width=”” thickness=”” up=”” down=””]
  4. In addition to explicit information, online behaviour can be gathered through marketing tools – how and what do they search for online, what channels do they respond to, what pages and sites do they visit and what social media sites do they engage in?  This can allow you to respond with real-time marketing messages that are personalized to their needs.
  5. Being relevant is key – the content, offer, product or service has to be meaningful to the individual you are trying to connect with or don’t start the conversation.
  6. Personalization becomes easier with marketing automation tools.  With progressive profiling – you never need to ask the customer or prospect for the same information twice but rather continue to ask additional information from online properties to build your contact’s profile.
  7. Finally, deciding to personalize should be based on a decision of security and confidence. The data needs to be accurate as well as meet all legal, regulatory and risk-averse guidelines otherwise it can impact your reputation and your ability to market.

Even though confidence is slipping people are still willing to give personal information. The better the incentive the more willing they are.  According to Canada Post’s recently quoted survey, 57% of consumers will give their personal info for cash, 33% for relevant offers, 28% for an iPad and 15% when no incentive was offered. 


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