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5 Ways to Increase Share of Voice

In order to optimize your marketing spend and stay competitive it is important to understand how to increase your share of voice for your brand.  As marketers and advertisers you need to know your advertisements and brands resonate in the minds of your target audience. Using the right metrics to quantify and understand how well your advertisement has performed right from the early stages of your campaign can ensure your invested dollars are rightly spent. The numerous ways to increase the share voice in the online space are as follows:

Consumer Engagement

  • Make sure you are actively engaging your customers, if your customers have questions, offer advice within 48 hours of the query. Engaging with your customers regularly not only will increase the number of mentions as a result of that interaction, but it will also increase the positive sentiment around your brand
  • Delighted customers generate positive content, which reaches other customers and potential customers of your brand, in turn are marketing the brand for you
  • From engaging marketing campaigns to effective customer service, ensure there is value in everything you do, and grow your share of voice by influencing your followers


Content and Incentives

  • Create content that adds personality to your brand!
  • Create shareable content – this is the #1 rule of social media marketing. The more people share or engage with your content, the better your chance of SOV growth. Shareable content should include: quality, uniqueness, wow factor, and compatibility with your target audience’s identity
  • Incentives like contests, freebies, discounts and vouchers work best for FMCG, entertainment and hospitality industries


Put a face to your brand

  • Just like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or Elon Musk lived by the brand attributes, similarly, to generate stronger engagement have your founders/spokesperson appear on forums, webinars, live interviews. People will talk about your brand if there’s a face behind the logo. Don’t just give your customers something to talk about, give them SOMEBODY to talk about


Strategize your sponsored posts tactfully

  • Spending on sponsored social is the surest way to increase your social SOV. Advertise on different demographic groups and monitor which groups generate the highest increase in SOV for your brand, then focus future efforts on those groups



  • Articles appearing on high ranking websites and blogs tend to give you a quality backlink which increases the quality of your SOV
  • Media articles generated through Public Relations activities with high readership/viewership help boost your brands SOV drastically


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