5 Key Marketing Strategies for 2023

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5 Key Marketing Strategies for 2023


During economic uncertainty businesses big and small are affected. However, even in tough times, entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners are forging ahead with new ventures. Business growth and new innovations are coming from the Technology, E-Commerce, Manufacturing and Cyber Security sectors to meet consumer demands.

With more new businesses emerging, small to medium businesses are proving the little guys aren’t so little and they are disrupting the landscape. In 2023 it’s time to re-evaluate the 5 key marketing strategies that impact our business in 2023.

But even with new shops popping up, there’s a lack of clarity on the components of a good marketing plan. According to Smart Insights, Fifty percent of small businesses don’t have a written digital plan, which suggests businesses don’t understand the value. And if you think your business is too small and doesn’t require a website, think again! More than twenty-five percent of Canadians said they won’t do business with companies who don’t have a website making this an important pillar in your plan. Building a business without a marketing plan is comparable to a pilot flying a plane without a flight plan. Without the right focus, business growth and brand awareness are stunted in 2023.


Marketing Strategies for 2023  

Brand Story – Any good brand has a story and can articulate what they stand for in a few words. Identifying the Vision, Mission, and Values of the company, become the foundation for all other marketing work you do. And, you’ll reap the rewards early on.

Content – Content creation is the new normal. An integrated Content Strategy is necessary to tell your story and showcase what you have to offer. Good content will increase visitor traffic to your website and increase the sales funnel. Find a content niche that differentiates your business from the competition and stands out from the crowd.

Thought Leadership – Is there a difference between creating content and being a thought leader? The answer is YES! Thought leadership is about showcasing your knowledge on a topic and having data to support it. A great way to be a thought leader is to publish insights into a segment of the population that consumers or industry stakeholders are interested in and include in your content plan.

Technology – Every business in start-up or growth mode requires technology infrastructure. CRM tools like Hub Spot, SalesForce, and Zoho are necessary and without them, your business will not grow effectively. Most CRM platforms offer varied price points to meet the needs of a growing business. And when you invest in CRM automation tools, the customer experience is enhanced and provides invaluable Intel on your customer base.

Sales Funnel – A sales pipeline is critical to the growth of every business. Without customers, the business won’t survive. Whether you are looking to attract new customers from industry conferences, digital strategies (paid leads/Google AdWords), customer referrals or social media channels, there must be a mix of these and other tactics to be most effective.

These strategies are key to an integrated marketing plan. Enlist the help of 360 Integral Marketing for your business growth plans in 2023. Our team of experts takes a holistic and actionable approach to every business, with a core focus on sales growth.

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