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Different Types of PPC Campaigns

PPC campaignsAre you wondering about the different types of PPC Campaigns out there that you can use to fill your sales funnel? Or perhaps you’re wondering what is PPC? We have covered the basics to help you get started.


What is PPC?

PPC Campaign Marketing Team

PPC stands for Pay Per Click.  PPC marketing campaigns build your online presence and fill your digital sales funnels.  It’s an important part of your digital marketing strategy and a quick way to generate traffic to your website.  Done right it successfully fends off your competition while driving demand for your company, products, services, events, contests, content and more.

How it Works

When a visitor clicks on your advertisement to go to your landing page or website, you pay the advertiser for each time the ad is clicked.  The amount may vary based on how your competitors bid for the same ad placement. This auction happens in real-time.

How much does it cost? 

The cost to manage a campaign can vary. Expect to pay for the following:

  • Campaign Creative – creative development, ad copy, landing page design and copy
  • Campaign Set-up: Daily/monthly maximum budget, maximum cost per bid, keywords, audience segments, search engines, social media platforms, campaign reporting.
  • Ongoing Management and Optimization: Online marketing at its best requires continuous testing and improvement. Nothing stands still. Set-up and management can be a fixed fee or a % of your media buy or a combination of the two.


For Google AdWords, you’ll need to be prepared to invest in research as it’s not always guaranteed you’ll get a positive ROI without going through some learning pains. Start with a budget that will get you at least 100 -200 clicks to your ad. If the average cost you’ll have to pay for keywords is $1.00 per click you can start with a budget as low as $1,000. For example, if you are testing 20 keywords with a cost per click of $1, we’d recommend you plan on a test budget of $2,000 to $3,000. How competitive the keywords you’re bidding on will drive up or down the costs.

Social media is less expensive but also less effective if you are trying to capture buyers when they are ready to buy.  For building demand and awareness Social Media, Google Display and Remarketing are recommended.PPC Campaign KPIs

Google PPC Campaign Types

This type of PPC Campaign is one of the most popular whether you are a small business or a big brand. With the volume of searches on Google, you will find most of your buyers.

How to Set it up Google Ads logo

To set-up a Google Ads campaign, you need to gather the following:

  • Keywords your potential buyers will use to search for your type of products or services
  • Where your buyers are located
  • Who are your competitors
  • Ad copy
  • A landing page to send them to
  • A phone number if you want them to call from a mobile ad
  • Your budget – how much are you willing to spend?
  • A follow-up process – how will the leads or sales be managed internally?

Google Ads appear either at the top of your screen or the side or bottom of the page when searching. With Google, they will have an AD icon so those searching will know that a business had purchased the spot to display the ad. If a business is displayed on a page and it’s not an ad, then that is referred to as an organic placement versus a paid search placement. Research has shown that, although the organic search is more likely to be clicked on when someone clicks on an ad, they are more intent on buying.

You can set target locations, allocate a maximum bid and a maximum monthly budget when setting up PPC campaign google searchyour ads.

How much to bid will be based on how much your competitors are also willing to pay for the same ad placement. The number of estimated clicks or your target goal and the bid amount will determine your budget.

When one clicks on your ad it’s called a click-through rate (CTR) and it is based on how many times your ad was viewed on the page over how many impressions the ad received. Each industry’s average CTR varies, but is typically 2%; above 2% is considered above average.


Google Display Network for PPC

Google display network

Google’s online advertising technology allows you to advertise with text and image ads on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the internet. The Google display network reaches 90% of Internet users. It generates higher impressions but lower CTR than Google Ads. So, it’s important to know what your goals are; is it primarily awareness, leads or sales?

Like setting up a Google Ads campaign, it can start with the keywords based on your key audience, the products and solutions you offer and your audience types. With the Google Display Network, you’ll need to create image ads along with the text. Your ads will be displayed on the websites that agreed to be part of the network and have similar content, audience types and keywords to those you have chosen.

How Google sets up your target audiences

Refining your target audience and call to action based on interest, habits, what they’re actively researching, or how they have interacted with your business is one great way to build your digital sales funnel.

Your Different Audience Options YouTube Sales Funnel

  • Affinity Audiences
  • Custom Affinity Audiences
  • Life Events
  • In-market Audiences
  • Custom Intent Audiences
  • Remarketing
  • Detailed Demographics
  • Customer Match
  • Similar Audiences


Like many of the other different PPC Campaigns, with Google Ads, you can set up the campaign based on cost-per-click or cost-per-impression (CPM). The cost is based on every 1,000 impressions.


Remarketing for PPC


Knowing that only about 1- 2% of your visitors may decide to purchase or contact you to enquire about your product, a remarketing program follows your potential buyer after leaving your site or your YouTube channel and offers them an incentive or reminder to return and purchase your product on your website.

Based on cookie technology, as your potential buyer goes anywhere on the Internet that is part of the ad network, they will be served up an ad that can be targeted to what interests them. Remarketing gets you in front of your buyer giving them a second, third or even a fourth chance to convert. As with other pay-per-click campaigns, it requires bidding real-time with other businesses for ad placement.

Remarketing is available with Google Ads as well as Facebook.

Social Media PPC Campaigns   

YouTube for PPC

YouTube, also managed under Google, has over two billion monthly visitors – ad that’s just the people YouTube Logowho’ve signed in.

Here is how it works:

Select from two types of audiences, in-market and affinity, then you can select your business categories to build your audience profile. (Below is a list of categories for each of the two audiences.) Your audience type helps determine at what stage they are in the sales funnel.

YouTube video ads are within 30-second lengths and you are billed when someone clicks on the ad or has viewed the ad for the 30 seconds. With the exception of charging by cost per view, they are set up similar to the other types of PPC campaigns, as follows:

  • Type of Ad
  • Your bid
  • Bidding selection
  • Average CPV (Cost Per View)
  • Your Budget
  • Average CPM (cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions)


Match Your YouTube Audience to Business Goals and Ad formats

YouTube Audience Table

Source:  YouTube


Affinity Audience: this group would be more in the awareness stage of your sale funnel, selected based on their interests and habits that can relate to your product offer. For more refined targeting you can set-up a custom affinity audience.

  • Banking & FinanceYouTube Affinity Audience
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Food & Dining
  • Home & Garden
  • Lifestyles & Hobbies
  • Media & Entertainment
  • News & Politics
  • Shoppers
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Travel


In-market Audience: people actively researching or planning to purchase products or services in one of these categories – being in the consideration stage they are further down the sales funnel than the affinity audience.

  • Apparel & AccessoriesCustom Intent YoutTube Audience
  • Arts & Crafts Supplies
  • Autos & Vehicles
  • Baby & Children’s Products
  • Beauty Products & Services
  • Business & Industrial Products
  • Business Services
  • Computers & Peripherals
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Event Tickets
  • Food
  • Gifts & Occasions
  • Home & Garden
  • Media
  • Software
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Telecom


With PPC Campaigns… Did you know?

Ads served up with Google Intent signals alone have 30% higher consideration lift and 40% higher purchase intent than when they’re serviced using demographic signals alone.

Increase in ConversionGoogle Brand Lift, Global, Smartphone (analysis restricted to a smartphone to isolate the impact of targeting), July 2017–June 2018.


Facebook for PPC

Facebook is one of the most powerful among the different types of PPC Campaigns and deemed the largest auction on the Internet. In 2020the global number of Facebook users is Facebook logoexpected to reach 1.69 billion! Being so data-rich, you can cost-effectively reach your desired audience based on many data elements.

To launch Facebook social media PPC campaigns on Ads Manager, you need to set your maximum daily or lifetime budget and your bid amounts. Facebook, with its rich content, allows you to target based on the following selections:

Parameters for selecting your target audience on Facebook :

  • Location: Targeted by country, states/regions/provinces, cities (a radius within a city), Zip and postal codes.
  • Demographics: Language, age and gender
  • Interests: Pages they liked and other ad engagement on Facebook
  • Behaviours:  based on their digital activities, what devices they use, past or intended purchases, and travel.


Custom Audience: you can also choose to download a list of customers or choose to retarget potential buyers that visited your site.

The next time they go on Facebook, they’ll be able to view your ads.

360integral facebookFacebook Platform Captures Contact Lead Info

Facebook has the ability to capture lead information pulling from the user’s Facebook profile and sending the lead information for follow-up instead of driving the prospect to a landing page to complete a form. However, the bigger challenge for B2B advertisers on Facebook is generating conversions and high-quality leads.  As with many social media platforms, the contact info used is never their business contact information.

Build Your Facebook Campaign based on Your Objectives 

As a powerful social media platform, Facebook offers more than PPC campaigns, with other engagement goals in mind, you can increase brand awareness and popularity. If you want to build your brand for consumer services and products or to target small business owners, then this may be worth your investment, but for generating business-to-business leads there may be better alternatives.  Overall, the bigger challenge for B2B advertisers on Facebook is generating conversions and high-quality leads.


Must start with your objectives first. 

Facebook Ad Objectives Table

Instagram for PPCInstagram Logo

Instagram is quickly making headway in the social media market and is especially useful to businesses. According to Hootsuite, advertisements on Instagram can reach up to 849.3 million people, so it is a worthwhile platform to consider for a PPC Campaign.

Launching a PPC ad campaign on Instagram follows the Facebook process very closely. Using the Facebook Ads Manager, you can select Instagram as an ad placement location. Then, this campaign follows the same process as setting up the Facebook PPC Campaign. You can set up your maximum bid, your goals for the advertisement, such as brand awareness, and the target audience. The target audience categories are the same as Facebook’s:

  • Demographics & Location of audience
  • Interest & behaviours on and off of Instagram
  • Custom audiences: A list of people that are already your customers

Top 9 PPC Campaign Types eBook



TikTok for PPCTikTok logo

TikTok is an emerging social media platform targeting young adults and provides PPC advertising options to businesses. To launch a TikTok PPC ad, you will need to use their Ads Manager. TikTok allows you to target your audience based on:

  • Custom Audience – like Facebook’s option, this allows you to target your customers
  • Demographics – age, gender, language
  • Consumer interests and behaviours – the content that the users have engaged with previously
  • Location – organized by country, province or city

TikTok Advertising ObjectivesThe cost of using TikTok’s PPC Campaigning is controllable. Through Ads Manager, you can set a daily or lifetime budget and specify your bidding amount. An interesting feature of TikTok is that it has many affiliated apps, such as Vigo Video, TopBuzz and BuzzVideo, among others. So, unlike the other types of PPC Campaigns, you can either specify the app that you would like TikTok to post the ad on or allow TikTok to distribute the advertisement to the most relevant platforms.


Twitter for PPC

Twitter PPC Campaigns

Twitter’s PPC Campaigns can be accessed using Twitter Ads. You can choose the goal for your advertisements, such as website clicks or your audience’s engagement, among others. If you choose website clicks, then you will be charged based on the CPC method, while the other goals use different costing methods, such as CPM.

Similar to PPC Campaigns it’s an auction model, which means that you’re bidding on access to Twitter and your target audience. Twitter has different bidding models that you can choose from and allows you to set budgets for the total amount you’re willing to spend during the campaign or the maximum amount you want to spend daily. When setting up the campaign, you can choose the audience you would like to target.

Your Twitter target audience can be segmented by the following:

  • Interests: Twitter has over 350 interest categories to choose from.
  • Keywords: Twitter is a powerful search engine. People use this social media platform to keep updated. Like other campaigns, you can choose specific keywords that they have recently used in their tweets or engaged within tweets.
  • Followers: Reach your audience based on specific interests they have or your followers. Good for targeting niche audiences.
  • Television: Reach people who Tweet about or engage with Tweets about their favourite television shows.
  • You can also target by geography, language, gender and device.

LinkedIn for PPC

LinkedIn PPC Campaigns

LinkedIn is a social media website for business professionals. Social Media PPC campaigns on LinkedIn offers a choice of ad types on their platform.  The precision targeting is as follows:

  • Job title and function
  • Industry
  • company size
  • Specific companies
  • Seniority
  • Geography


LinkedIn’s Different Ad types LinkedIn People

Text Ads have the widest reach but are much less visible on the page.  Text ads can be displayed on any page of the platform, on the top, just below the navbar and also on the side. So, the impressions are much higher than a Sponsor Ad but the CTR is much lower.

Sponsored Ads are a much larger ad than Text ads. They tend to be more expensive with lower impressions and higher engagement.  These ads can also be created by boosting an organic post to a specific audience or created  – similar to Facebook.  Sponsored Content runs on the home page within the newsfeed.

Sponsored InMail Ads are ad messages sent to your target audience through the LinkedIn inbox. You bid on what you’re willing to pay per send. The message is sent only when the person is logged in and you pay only when the message is sent.

LinkedIn Contact Lead Info Captured in Platform

Similar to Facebook you can choose to capture the contact information from the platform without directing them to a landing page and filling out a form.  But, the added benefit is that you also can pull in their LinkedIn profile link and load it to your CRM for follow-up.

Like other PPC campaigns, you bid for ad placements. It requires a minimum of $10 a day budget and $2.00 per click. It also offers Cost Per Thousand (CPM) views. This platform is especially important for B2B marketing. According to Hootsuite, as of 2020,  30 million businesses are using LinkedIn.

Knowing the different types of PPC Campaigns is one step closer to filling your sales funnel.  When you combine with a test and learn approach you will go far in optimizing your results and getting the best Marketing ROI for your business.

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