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Marketing and Sales teams

Marketing and Sales Responsibilities

Understanding marketing and sales responsibilities can be part of building a winning partnership.  With Marketing getting more involved with marketing automation, qualifying the lead and taking the leads back from Sales when they don’t close,...

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SEO for Lead Generation

SEO Keywords

To drive more website traffic you need to know your SEO Keywords. We have heard it starts with the customer. A well-informed search engine marketing company will also tell you that SEO is all about the...

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Driving traffic to your site

Get Free Website Traffic

How to get free Website traffic starts with asking the right questions. Do you know why your visitors are coming to your site? Do you know who your potential customers are? Is your content meaningful...

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How to build a website

Business Website Design

Business website design is your face to your audience. It is intended to build the reputation of your business as well as capture and influence your buyers.   It’s a lost opportunity for your business...

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SEO Strategy and Marketing

Targeted Traffic

SEO is the best Investment for generating targeted traffic. Here’s Why and How. As part of your online business marketing strategy, SEO is a critical part as it provides the opportunity to capture buyers when they...

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