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Who We Are

Sales Funnel Experts

Critical to the success of any business is their ability to acquire and retain customers. The founder of 360 Integral Marketing, Gabrielle Hailman having worked for industry leaders became an expert in driving revenue through marketing and sales efforts. The name 360 Integral Marketing stands behind a holistic approach she and her team take in looking at all aspects of the clients’ business in order to create sales funnels that are instantly effective and results-driven.

Sales funnel strategies, management services and technologies are broken out by the buyer’s journey – demand generation, lead generation and CRM management.  Our success lies with our ability to continuously improve performance through ongoing measurements and business intelligence to identify and capitalize on opportunities throughout the sales funnel.

We are not driven by likes and comments, but rather on how marketing contributes to sales revenue.

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What We Do

Digital Sales Funnels 

In developing digital sales funnels, we work with organizations to understand their sales and marketing challenges as they tie into generating sustainable revenue. Our key contact can be a Senior Marketer, Sales Professional or the President that is looking to improve their sales performance through modern marketing.

Taking a holistic approach, combined with sales funnel expertise, innovation, data-driven marketing insights and industry-leading solutions, we develop a phased-in action-plan.  From strategy, creative, execution to ongoing optimization, the digital sales funnels are focused on delivering a cohesive brand experience that drives measurable revenue.

Our clients are offered a full suite of digital sales funnel services from demand to lead generation to retention strategies (CRM).  The breadth and depth of services can be from helping your organization in developing sales funnels, implementing integrated programs and technologies to 360 Integral Marketing becoming your digital marketing team.

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Why 360integralmarketing?

  • Provides great value based on extensive experience
  • Offers nimble and scalable solutions to meet your needs
  • Addresses channel interdependencies and how to optimize them
  • Creates content and brand advocates across all channels

We provide solutions that simply
improve your marketing and communications.

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